Wilier Supersonica SLR

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Wilier Supersonica SLR

Redefining the boundaries of speed. Is it possible?

A synergistic challenge, months of incredibly intense work, a joint project orchestrated by our Innovation Lab together with Stefan Küng and all the staff of the Groupama – FDJ Performance Center.

The aim of the project?

Simple: to improve the aerodynamic performance of our time trial bikes by at least 10%.

The result? Supersonica SLR: the new time trial and triathlon frame that improves aerodynamic efficiency by almost 16%* compared to our previous time trial frame.

* Data collected in wind tunnel from comparative tests (Supersonica SLR vs Turbine SLR) with wind at 50km/h and a turbulence factor of 0.3%.


2 prototypes built, dozens of kilograms of 3D printing, over 50 hours of computer simulations, 30 hours spent between the wind tunnel at Silverstone (UK), the velodrome in Switzerland and road tests in Belgium. These figures emphasise how much dedication lies behind such a high performing and demanding product.

A technological revolution

Supersonica SLR however is much more than just the best time trial bike we’ve ever built. Supersonica SLR constitutes a veritable technological revolution that today represents the pinnacle of our innovative ability and demonstrates how valuable it is to work with some of the world’s most experienced and powerful athletes.

It was a very tough challenge

« I am very happy and also very impressed by the work done by Wilier. It was a very tough challenge. When the contract between Wilier and the team was signed in August 2023, they immediately focused 100% on the Supersonica project.

Developing a bike from scratch in 9 months is already a difficult task, but developing the best time trial bike in 9 months is even more so. Seeing all the people who have been involved, who have worked on it for such a long time, who have followed and listened to me, is a strong motivation for me to give it my all on the day of the race.

The bike is designed for speed, you can feel it as soon as you get on. After riding the first prototype in early 2024, we made some changes. The second prototype arrived soon after and it responded perfectly to the requests I made. I can’t wait to ride it and, above all, to win! »

Stefan Küng, professional athlete of Team Groupama- FDJ

A special project

« The Supersonica project is the first genuine project developed from scratch together with Wilier. Wilier’s Innovation Lab department spent an enormous amount of time on it and the results came in record time.

After so many virtual tests, followed by multiple wind tunnel tests, we are proud to see this fast and modern bike that took shape in less than a year. I must say that a solid foundation has been laid for the future of our partnership. The performance features can be seen in the extreme attention to detail: revised geometry, remarkable aerodynamic efficiency, improved rigidity and a new improved handlebar.

After carefully following every single stage of the project, I am really excited and I can’t wait for Supersonica to make its début in the race with Stefan Küng.»

Jérémy Roy, materials performance manager of Groupama – FDJ

Custom aero extensions

You’ll be able to customise your Supersonica SLR aerodynamic extensions with optical forearm scanning and subsequent production, with a choice of 3D printed titanium or premium quality carbon laminate.


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