Super Record wireless 12V disc groupset

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Super Record wireless new groupset

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The new flagship of the Transalpine brand is called Campagnolo Super Record Wireless.

The history of the prestigious Campagnolo Record group begins in 1956, since Campagnolo has constantly pushed the limits of racing bike transmissions for ever more speed, lightness, comfort and precision.

A huge technological gap in this wireless version Super Record wireless groupset

This new group uses materials such as
carbon, titanium and aluminum, to provide maximum functionality while
maintaining an ultralight weight.

Every component of the Super Record Wireless groupset has been completely redesigned
and manufactured to the highest standards by the Campagnolo enginers.

This gives a high-end Super Record wireless groupset that establishes a new
benchmark in terms of performance.
In addition to being super reliable and chic, this group has been developed for cyclists
and competitors, each component is designed to be as easy
and as efficient as possible to use, in order to offer the ultimate cycling experience.
Campagnolo’s Super Record Wireless is currently available on
many high-end models, especially from the Italian brands we distribute.

New Campagnolo Super Record Wireless Ergopower levers

• Redesigned levers shape provides more grip and
damping for improved comfort on the bike
• Ergonomic brake levers provide better control and
more efficient braking experience
• New gear shift with two lever buttons
• LED lighting to inform battery status

Semi-compact transmission completely redesigned

• ULTRA-TORQUE system deployed for energy transmission at
maximum efficiency

• High life crankset housing with protective seal
External patented PRO-TECH dust proof

• Instantaneous reactivity thanks to titanium axis and


• Instant reactivity with titanium shaft and fiber cranks
unidirectional carbon (available in 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm)

Technopolymer Quick Mount Rear Derailleur

• Choice of three crankset teeth: 50-34, 48-32 and 45-29

• Three cassette choices: 10-25, 10-27 and 10-29

• Smoother shifting thanks to new tooth geometry on
the passage of the chain

• N3W Standard Freewheel Body

• 10T sprocket

• 2x 12 speed pedal


• Magnetic load ports on front and rear derails
for fast and secure connections. A standard port for
two components
• Fast charge: 90% charge in 45 minutes and full charge in 60
minutes only
• 750 km range
• Ability to charge the battery mounted or disassembled from the bike
• Battery status LED interface visible in all circumstances

New disc brakes

• Temperature control system to avoid overheating and need
use an additional cooling fin
• Patented disc profile with smooth, anti-coupure surface
• Advanced design provides instinctive modulation, feel
progressive and better reliability

Note: The super record mechanical groupset remains unchanged at the moment

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ITA, Pressfit BB RIGHT, Pressfit BB30, Pressfit BB30A, Pressfit BB386, Pressfit BB86, Pressfit PF30


10-25, 10-27, 10-29


48-32 172,5mm