DE ROSA Idol Chorus BORA

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DE ROSA Idol Chorus BORA

The De Rosa Idol is perfectly named, designed with beautiful lines and aesthetics that contain the soul of a rockstar! Carbon frame produced by De Rosa, able to express style and design that have always been brand’s trademark. Unmistakable appearance: its unmistakable appearance is able to express the style and design that have always been brand’s trademark. Its Arc Slope curvature, renowned by many as an element of absolute refinement, remains the signature in the second Idol generation as well.

This Carbon Road Bike is ideal to mix up your racing and long-distance adventures. Made from a strategic mix of high-quality T800 and T100 carbon, the Idol Disc offers that stable ride that makes it huge fun to descend with, while being light enough to make it a fun partner for hill climbing. Idol Disc is the perfect bike for the longest Gran Fondo category though the geometry will still be aggressive enough to feel nimble on the road and fast into and out of the corners.

The Idol offers a super stiff center for the frame which can be matched with just about every top crank manufacturer’s options. It forms the perfect junction for the Idol’s sculpted asymmetrical chainstays and beefy down tube, while the bowed top tube and lean seatstays will help keep the ride feel cushioned and light. Internal cable routing that will accommodate both electronic and mechanical groupsets will ensure the frame’s clean lines are not interrupted with a lot of cables and ties.


Designed to withstand the braking forces, feel so responsive and comfortable.


ACF BR F C G Reach Stack
43 51,7 11,1 41,2 71° 3′ 57,3 370 508,3
46 52,9 11,9 41,2 71° 6′ 58,1 378,3 516,1
48 54,3 13,5 41,2 72° 6′ 58 384,2 537,1
51 56 15,4 41,2 73° 58,7 389,8 556,8
53 57,2 17,5 41,2 73° 1′ 59,8 395,6 577,1
56 58,8 19,5 41,2 73° 3′ 60,9 402,4 596,9


1 1/2+ 1 1/2 ACR SYSTEM

BB Size






Do not hesitate to contact us or to visit us at L’Officina in Pernes les Fontaines, we will be glad to help you and offer you all the custom built assemblies you want!

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Weight 10 kg

48 / Ugo Blue, 51 / White, 53 / Red grey


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