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The Colnago V4 is an allround bike that fits into the vein of the V4Rs development project, the bike built to win, accompanying the great successes of the UAE Emirates team and the UAE ADQ team.

The Colnago V4 is an all-round bicycle, a bike that is extremely fun to ride and has a clean and refined design. The frame is a monocoque which is stiff, solid, reactive, and which enjoys the same carbon layup R&D and aerodynamic studies that led to the realization of the V4Rs.

The front area of the frame is similar to the V4Rs. The headset is thinner and the fork has been revised compared to V3Rs and V3 to allow a better airflow especially during fast and hectic descents.

During riding, a bicycle is subjected to several different loads, acting on the whole bicycle at the same time. For instance, while sprinting, the rider imparts forces on the pedals whose directrix is off-axis to that of the bicycle. In addition, a lot of power comes from the help of the arms, which pull and push on the handlebars, putting the frontal area under stress. Instead, in the position of seated climbing, the arms are lightly loaded and most of the weight is placed on the rear triangle.

These different and often conflicting aspects give life to the concept of real dynamic stiffness, which we take as a reference to study and develop this bike, as it was done with the V4Rs. The result is an extremely balanced bike, whose all the stiffnesses are fine-tuned and harmonized to deliver an amazing riding performance.

The V4 comes as standard with the SR10 stem and you can choose between the Deda Zero2 DCR handlebar or the Colnago R41 handlebar. Both solutions allow you to have an integrated cable passage and enjoy the greatest aerodynamic advantage. The frame kit, however, is also compatible with third-party solutions. The nominal tire clearance of the V4 is equal to 30mm (Maximum nominal clearance), the same as for the V4Rs.


The Colnago V4 will be available in the following configurations:

● Shimano Ultegra Di2 and Fulcrum Racing 600 DB wheels

● Shimano 105 Di2 and Fulcrum Racing 600 DB wheels

● Sram Rival and Fulcrum Racing 600 DB wheels The V4 can mount also mechanicals groupsets (1x and 2x), as well as any type of single-chainring group.

colnago v4

Geometry COLNAGO V4

colnago V4 géométrie geometry

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