COLNAGO CC.01 integrated handlebar

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COLNAGO CC.01 integrated handlebar

The Colnago CC.01 is made in a single piece, completely monocoque, advantageous to both saving weight and increasing rigidity.

This technical choice was developed during the construction phase through a particular combination of molds that enables four different width options of the handlebar (370, 390, 410 and 430mm center center top) along with seven different lengths of stem (80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140mm).
16 combinations is available to the market.


It features a relative long reach, a compact drop and a decent flare (+2cm), but no outsweep. The drops have a 2cm flair (410mm top becomes 430mm bottom) with the exception of size 370 which has a 14mm flair. The reach is 80mm (75mm for
size 370) and a drop of 122mm (119mm in size 370). The stem angle is 84 degrees.

The wider base of the drops greatly enhances bike control on descent, while the design simultaneously addresses today’s demand to go narrower on the hoods for an improved aerodynamic position.

The hoods’ width is reduced by 1cm, compared to traditional even measures. The increased reach (compared to the more standard 75mm on compact handlebars) creates a more “into the bike” position on descents and a much bigger flat surface
just behind the hoods on the top, for increased palm comfort with every type of brake levers. The Colnago CC.01 bar is designed for the modern wireless and wired electronic groupset and internal cable routing, but is still compatible with
external routing and rim brakes.

Why Colnago has made a new handlebar? For several reasons:

● The Colnago CC.01 handlebar is lighter than the market
average if compared to other internal-wiring optimized
handlebars (weight 310g for size 110-410)

● The minimal painting look has been chosen for lightness: the handlebar is available in a single color version with glossy black graphics on matt black finish

● The Colnago CC.01 handlebar has been aerodynamically optimized

The Colnago CC.01 has dedicated computer mount with a “GoPro style” bayonet and two different lengths support, compatible with Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton and Hammerhead.

The handlebar kit is completed by the dedicated spacer kit, the steering cap containing the multitool and an optional cap that allows the adjustment of the fork height before cutting it.

Available at l’Officina, do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.



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100/390, 100/410, 110/390, 110/410, 110/430, 120/390, 120/410, 120/430, 130/410, 130/430, 140/390, 140/410, 80/370, 90/370, 90/390, 90/410