Colnago C68 x Motoki Yoshio

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Colnago C68 x Motoki Yoshio

We are proud to exhibit this COLNAGO C68 x Motoki Yoshio limited edition. This special piece is a tribute to the uniqueness of the Colnago “C” Line it has been designed by the Japanese designer based in Milan MOTOKI Yoshio.

Harmony and colors melting together in this artistic version.

Only 150 pieces available worldwide, and one is shown in l’Officina!


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Weight Of The Colnago C68

925g size 485 unpainted


Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber is the base of the Colnago C68


The fork of the Colnago C68 changes from the previous TFS ‘D’ shape with the complex internal rib and the full length bonded metal thread bolt for a much simpler, elegant and lighter round 1″1/8 tube.

To run the brake housing inside we have adopted a special patented eccentric headset system, without having to use the larger cumbersome and heavy 1.5″ bearing.


The C68 now boosts a revised bottom bracket, with the switch from our previous TF82.5 to a more “standard” and easy to find T47.

The system works the same way, with an oversized bb shell and internal bearings housed in alloy threaded cups.

You can assemble your C68 with a standard BB from Sram and Campagnolo, while you can use premium products such as CeramicSpeed, Chris King and many other offerings for compatibility with Shimano 24mm axles.


The frame weight for a raw size 485 is around 925gr, just 10gr more (935gr) for the titanium version.


The number of parts that complete the frame is the same as with the previous C series (C64).

Even though from an aesthetics point of view, its lines and styling may be more similar to that of a frame manufactured in one piece.

There are still some visible joints on the C68 to trace back to our root, while other joints would appear invisible due to the new streamlined design.


The new split headtube is now stronger, lighter and more customizable than ever.

The new layout allows stack and reach variations, along with improved stiffness for an enhanced riding experience.


Returning to a round steerer tube allows us to put a touch of “we ride too” into the Colnago C68.

Everyone needs, at some point, a multitool to face every small adjustment that may be required during an epic or not so epic ride (like a flat tire).

So we integrated that tool into the headset top cap.

Rotate and pull, that’s it.

colnago c68 size chart

Find here the Colnago C68 size chart


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